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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Quit smoking via hypnotherapy is an audio session that enables you to kick the habit and live a healthier smoke free life. This system has been used by thousands of people worldwide all with great results. Stop smoking now use this download to show you how

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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Assured Hypnotherapy clinical practitioner Stephen Mckibben, is highly recognised in the industry of clinical hypnotherapy. With following qualifications DHP, DCMT, DASH, Certified Freeway Cer Practitioner, Advanced DNLP Master Practitioner, BA Hons and Advanced Clinical Hypnotic Consultant Stephen has successfully helped many people through the UK and further abroad overcome many ailments.
He was also the consultant Hypnotherapist on the TV show ‘You’re Not the Man I Married’ as seen on BBC NI.


  • Fear Management 87%
  • Habit Control 91%
  • Sleep & Relaxation 83%
  • State Of Mind 84%
  • Sports Performance 80%

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