Habit Control

The most widespread example of this hypnotic behavioural modification is habit control hypnotherapeutic treatment. In this scenario, the hypnotherapist focuses on a particular habit that is embedded in your unconscious (smoking or overeating, for example). With the “control panel” to your mind open, the hypnotherapist will be able to reprogram your subconscious to reverse the unwanted behaviour. There are a number of ways to do this you can connect a negative response with the bad habit or remove the triggers to the habit so therefore as the triggers are no longer there the habit is now insignificant. With instilling a negative response the hypnotherapist might suggest to your subconscious that smoking will cause nausea. When this association is programmed effectively, you will feel sick every time you think about smoking a cigarette. Alternatively, your hypnotherapist may feel it is more pertinent to build up your willpower, suggesting to your subconscious that you don’t need cigarettes, and you don’t want them. Habit control can be treated effectively via one to one consultation or audio download.


Fear Management

At Assured Hypnotherapy we use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychotherapy and CMT ( Complete Mind Therapy ) for total phobia removal and behavioural reconstruction.  Fears and phobias can really restrict one’s ability to live a comfortable and happy life.  Phobias are described as an irrational anxious response to an unwanted occurrence ie; panicking at the sight of a tiny spider etc. Although the definition states the response is irrational it is important to note that to the sufferer it is a warranted response. Phobia and fears are easily resolved in one session, with the blending in of NLP language patterns your therapist speeds up the recovery process, essentially doing in one or maximum of two sessions in extreme cases what would normally take 6-12 weeks using other psychological therapies.

State of Mind

Throughout life we all experience different states of mind, in fact throughout the day we experience many different states of mind. This is totally normal, however at times in life we all experience negativities that severely impact our states of mind, this can have a knock effect to our psychological and in turn our physical well being.  Hypnotherapy can alleviate negativities to bring about a more positive and composed state of mind in the client, alleviating anxiousness and promoting well being.  Throughout hypnotherapy sessions the clients states of mind goes through a number of scenarios and states for the clients betterment.  The client is guided through a dreamlike state for the purposes of the therapy.

Are you; Anxious, Stressed, Angered, Worried, Procrastinating, Apprehensive, Agitated, Upset or Fearful, Etc then we CAN help … then we CAN help …

Sports Enhancement

This area is a very exciting area of hypnotherapy and one your therapist has immense notoriety in. With the use of hypnotherapy and life coaching applications the sports person can excel beyond belief. It is best explained if you take 2 sports professionals with the same ability, training, effort etc, 99 times out of 100 the one that will prevail will be the one with the self belief and greater mental capacity with the winner’s mindset. Winning just like losing becomes a habit and great sports men and women throughout the years have shown their mental fortitude in becoming the best. Some great sports men have their opponent defeated before the contest has begun. Through history we have seen this with many professionals, Snookers Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry, Boxings Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson, darts Phil Taylor and Martin Adams. These are to name but a few who have proved that belief in your ability can carry you through even when not at your best. Your therapist Stephen McKibben has developed a whole approach to sports performance using Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Psychotherapy. This enabled him to develop The Hypnodarts system used by top Darts professionals such as Tony ‘silverback’ O’shea, Darryl ‘the Dazzler’ Fitton, Ross ‘the Boss’ Montgomery, Scott ‘Scotty dog ‘ Mitchell and Gary ‘ Big Robbo’ Robson. Stephen has also worked with pga golfers, pro fighters and footballers and through his work with all the sports personnel he has worked with he has developed his own unique Sports performance coaching system entitled ‘Sportsnosis’.  Become the best you can be…


Sleep & Relaxtion

The inability to relax and even have a proper night’s sleep is very common worldwide, and whilst it can be annoying not getting proper rest, it is important to note that good sleep and regular relaxation are vital to physical and psychological health and well being. At Assured Hypnotherapy we use hypnotherapy to bring about instantaneous relaxation or auto hypnosis as it is sometimes known. If using a pre recorded audio session the session will guide you into the deepest relaxation you have experienced and teach you how to bring yourself there more regularly and more rapidly each and every time. If using a download for sleep the recording will guide you into deep slumber and let you remain there for as long you require. If using one to one consultation these techniques will taught and tested by your therapist during your personally tailored session.  Hypnosis has been called the therapy of sleep and sometimes named relaxation therapy; these two areas are the closest you can get to the application of pure hypnosis.

1 and 1 Consultation

Directed, one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions tend to yield better results.

In a therapy session, a hypnotherapist will hypnotize his or her subject in order to work with deep, entrenched personal problems. The therapy may take the form of breaking negative patterns of behaviour, improving performance, life coaching or whatever the client actually requires. This is very effective in addressing areas of concern for the client. In one to one sessions it is easier for the therapist to deal with the more complex situations using hypnotherapy to bring underlying psychological problems up to the conscious level. Accessing fears, memories and repressed emotions can help to clarify difficult issues and bring resolution to persistent problems.

One to one sessions are used worldwide to aid medical ailments, it has long been documented that hypnotic suggestion can ease pain and even cure illness in some patients. This is possible because the mind and body are inextricably intertwined. When you suggest to the subconscious that the body does not feel pain, or that the body is free of disease, the subconscious may actually bring about the change. This has been shown numerous times with the use of hypnotic induced anaesthesia used for actual surgery.

At Assured Hypnotherapy your Hypnotherapist will guide you into a deep state of relaxation (sometimes referred to as hypnotic trance), while in this deep state the beneficial changes to you will take effect and help create the new you that you truly desire. Whether it is to be free of baggage or enhancement of your skills it is all totally achievable in one to one sessions.