Assured Hypnotherapy Clinic is owned and operated by Stephen McKibben who has over 20 years experience in the field of Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy, NLP and Mind Coaching. So for everything from our unique tried, tested and proven approach to Sports Performance, Habit Control, Phobia Removal or other psychological issues we can help. 


Stephen has used his own unique approach to Sports Mind Coaching to create champions at every level in numerous sports, his most talked about success would be his creation of the Hypnodarts system. The Hypnodarts system has created world champions in both the men’s and ladies games. The Hypnodarts system is used by many professionals, it has led Scott Mitchell to world glory in 2015, Glen Durrant to 2 World Masters, 3 World Titles, PDC2020 Premier League Champion. Darryl Fitton to winning the World Trophy. Also used by Trina Gulliver leading her to her 10th World Title. Used by many more Pros such as, Ross Montgomery, Tony O’shea & Gary Robson, Jim Williams and others around the World that represent their country in the WDF & PDC.



Stephen McKibben DHP, DCMT, DASH, Certified Freeway Cer Practitioner, Advanced DNLP Master Practitioner, BA Hons and Advanced Clinical Hypnotic Consultant
Sports performance Specialist.